Tax Specialists That
Understand Your Business

SK&B is a certified public accounting firm that concentrates on tax preparation and tax strategies. We understand tax
law—especially the latest changes in tax law—and we help you understand how to work with the tax code to get maximum value for your business. We work closely with you throughout the year so you don’t get surprised during tax season—and so you take advantage of every credit and deduction when it matters most.


Tax Return Preparation

A significant portion of our business is tax return preparation, and we provide this service

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Quarterly Tax Projections

Ideally, your refund from your tax return each year should be close to zero.

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Tax Audit Representation

Tax audits can be terrifying even to seasoned financial personnel. Should you ever be audited,

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Tax Minimization Strategies

Changes in tax laws mean new challenges for tax minimization strategies.

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Tax Research

SKB provides its clients with tax research services, covering a spectrum of topics.

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

For clients who need more than just consultations, SKB can provide accounting

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We are licensed which includes ongoing education on the latest tax issues and maintaining specific standards.

We are local and have been providing tax services in the Alpharetta area for over 20 years. We are here for the long-term!

We are here to professionally serve you and your family’s tax needs through the ever-changing tax laws and codes.

Our doors are always open for your tax questions, tax planning needs, and audit help.

We have extensive experience with individual, small company, non-profits and estate taxes.

We can help save you time, money and confusion by working with you on tax related issues.

Are You Getting The Most From Deductions And Credits?

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Nick S.
Civil Engineer, North Perimeter Contractors, LLC

“As a recent graduate, and soon to be married, I had a lot of questions about taxes and investments. The CPAs were very helpful and explained various options for me to consider. I was very pleased with the expertise and professionalism of everyone in the office.”


Ansley T.
Real Estate Marketing Consultant

“Doug and the team at SK&B have been tremendously valuable to me since I first started working with them nearly 10 years ago on my tax preparation and filing. As a self-employed businesswoman, my taxes always felt overwhelming and complicated – until Doug came to the rescue! The process was straightforward and streamlined, and he has consistently helped me maximize my returns. I would recommend him to anyone, either individual or business, needing assistance with their taxes!”


Susan L.

“My financial stability and well being is my number one priority. Therefore, I require more than signing a tax form and moving on to the next year. At SKB, I am able to have a conversation with my Accountant (Doug) no matter how long it will take to understand my taxes, plan for my future and have discussions that require his guidance and expertise on ensuring I have a solid plan for my retirement. I am well on my way to being debt free thanks to his recommendations and words of wisdom. I would also add he takes client confidentiality very serious and feel his service fees are affordable, consistent and fair. I am a loyal SKB client!”

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